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Private Medical Health Insurance aka Peace of Mind

Private Medical Health Insurance aka Peace of Mind

Having been fortunate to obtain private healthcare through company programmes since I was in my mid 20’s I’ve had one or two occasions to use it for my family and very much taken it for granted. 

Upon retirement I decided to continue and balance the rising costs with a higher excess, therefore, adding a degree of self-insurance. For the first time, a few weeks ago, I needed it personally for something that turned out to be nothing but the worry about the possibilities would, if I’d not opted to go private, have gone on for another four weeks or more. 

The doctor I saw told me he would have carried out the procedure if I’d continued with my NHS appointment. He also informed me that if more invasive work was required I’d have to be at the NHS hospital as they had the equipment to cope with any unforeseen emergency.  However, by going Private I had freed up an appointment for someone else. I look at it as balancing the benefits of the NHS with the reassurance of a speedy diagnosis. 

Analysing the benefit of getting a speedy diagnosis at a time to suit me and gaining peace of mind or action to rectify against the cost I’ve decided that itsit’sre than worth the premiums paid and will continue to participate for as long as possible.

We are able to give you a much more bespoke quotation and clearly explain the exclusions connected to your policy. We simplify the process and take the stress & strain of applying for insurance away from you by taking on the workload by completing your claim and providing a full briefing. With all the fine detail involved, it only takes one wrong word to invalidate a claim that could save your life in a crisis and support your family if the worst should happen. With so much at stake when quoting for insurance policies like these, call us today and let us help you to get the cover you need.

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