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Around 2.7 million hospital admissions each year are caused by accidents at home. What if you could be awarded cash every time you’re hurt? – Susie Colley, WCHC

EverydayProtect Cash Plan

Should the unexpected happen, and life tries to throw you off track and you are injured in an accident or suffer a sporting injury, EverydayProtect awards you cash – each and every time it happens. Whether you’re self-employed and can’t afford to be off work, or have children and can’t afford childcare if they’re injured, our EverydayProtect Cash Plan pays out money to help you along the road to recovery.

What’s more, the policy operates regardless of your medical history, is effective from the moment you take it out, and you can claim as many times as you like.

Flexible cover options to suit your needs

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Policy summary:

  • Policies starting at just £9 a month
  • Can pay out up to £4,000 for a broken bone
  • Between £50-£250 per night for hospital stays
  • Up to £250,000 for total permanent disability
  • Extended cover for any number of children from £1 a month
  • Extended Active Lifestyle cover from £1 a month

To help protect the everyday with:

  • Self-employed and can’t afford to be off work
  • Provides financial support for you 24/7 worldwide
  • Affordable premiums that fit the budget
  • Peace of mind that the right level of cover is in place to support you

From £9.00 per month

Some of the sums are life changing amounts, making EverydayProtect Cash Plans a cheaper but useful alternative to Income Protection or Life Insurance for those who can’t afford a full set of policies.

Find out more about how it all works and call us for advice on 0800 690 6990.


Is this part of the private health care system?
What plan options do you offer?
What if I die in an accident?
Does it cover me if I need to stay in hospital?
What criteria do I have to satisfy to take out the policy?
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EverydayProtect Benefits

  • Cash sums in event of accidental injuries
  • Payment per night for hospital stays as a result of injury
  • Funeral benefit and lump sum payout in the event of an accidental death
  • EverydayProtect Cash Plans provide payments to help you manage in event of accidents
  • It could replace Income Protection and Life Insurance for those who can’t afford it
  • Option to include unlimited numbers of children for one fixed price
  • Active Lifestyle Cover provides additional cover in the event of you sustaining bodily injury caused by an accident, which results in a dislocation and/or either a tendon rupture or ligament tear.
  • Medical history is disregarded, cover starts instantly

We’re here to help

There are a range of options and cover levels to keep EverydayProtect affordable, so you can focus on the future, rather than your finances.

<span> , WCHC Customer</span>
"WCHC has been a tower of strength, taking on all difficulties and obstacles standing in my way and relieved me of the stress of having to deal with the insurers direct. Susie has always shown care, kindness, consideration and respect to me… she is passionate about her job and brings steadfast determination and commitment to achieve the best she can for my healthcare. It gives me peace of mind to know that in an emergency, Susie will be there for me."
- Dee from Exeter , WCHC Customer
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