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Key Person Insurance (Key Man)

4/5 Sole Traders say there is someone in their business they couldn’t do without. Yet 80% of small businesses aren’t protected for their loss.

– Scottish Widows


What You Get With Key Person Insurance

  • It’s inexpensive and crucial for continuity.
  • The company will receive a sum of money to cover any loss in revenue.
  • It can help with recruitment.
  • Sustain the key person’s salary whilst hiring a replacement.
  • Avoids the need to borrow money.
  • Reduces stress and tides you over a difficult period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who takes out a Key Man policy?
Who benefits – the Key Man or the company?
Can the owner of the Policy be changed?
How much does Key Man Insurance cost?
What can't the terms be?
Does my company have to be a UK company to take out a policy?
Is key man insurance tax deductible?
How long should we insure our key person for?
Can we take an income as opposed to a lump sum?
Can we add critical illness to key man insurance?


Key Person Insurance can mean the difference between a business surviving an unexpected illness or death, and not.

Recruitment costs an average of £5000 per position, and that’s just finding the solution!

Key Man Insurance covers you from the financial implications of long term sick leave, permanent absence or death of your most vital members of staff.

How much would your business suffer if you lost a key member of staff through illness or death?

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