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Life Insurance

It is never too early to take Life Insurance. The sooner you do, the cheaper your policy will be.

What You Get With Life Insurance

  • Life Insurance pays out on your death.
  • It will protect the future of your family or dependants.
  • A good policy will be a fixed figure for the full term of the cover.
  • The cost is judged, in part, on your age.
  • Compulsory for mortgages to be protected by cover for the cost of your borrowing.
  • Can be for any amount, ensuring good quality of life for those you leave behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need life insurance?
How do I work out what I need to cover?
I already have life insurance – do I need to review it?
What types of life insurance are available?
What isn't covered by life insurance?

Take your time when choosing a Life Insurance Policy

It’s easy to be hurried into choosing a life policy during the chaos of the house-buying process but don’t be swayed by recommendations from your lender. You can take out your life insurance policy with anyone you choose, so for truly objective advice, speak to somebody independent, with your best interests at heart – Us.

With all the fine detail involved, it only takes one wrong word to invalidate a claim that could save your life in a crisis and support your family if the worst should happen.  With so much at stake when quoting for insurance policies like these, call us today and let us help you to get the cover you need. We spent years learning the lingo so that you don’t have to.

Unbiased & Independent Insurance Providers with Your Best Interests at Heart

We’ve learnt all the jargon, so you don’t have to.

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    <span> , WCHC Customer</span>
    "No-one has ever explained so compellingly the reasons why most cut-price insurance isn’t worth investing in. Susie helped me appreciate how important it is to get the right level of cover to know my family’s future is protected.  She led me through the purchase process and I felt I had the best deal available on the market. Even though I asked for many rounds of requotes, I never felt any pressure to buy and she gave us the same care and attention no matter how many queries we made. First class service."
    - Jamie from Devon , WCHC Customer
    <span> , WCHC Customer</span>
    "You [work] with such care and patience. Being able to chat with you in a relaxed manner helps enormously. “Westcountry Health Care is stress free and to be highly recommended”"
    - June from Buckinghamshire , WCHC Customer

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