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Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

We often don’t truly appreciate the value of our health until we’re ill. When things go wrong, Private Medical Insurance (PMI) gives you the luxury of choice and control. It can take up to 4 months to be referred for an initial appointment on the NHS – with Private Medical Insurance you will secure a consultant’s appointment within days.

What are the benefits of PMI?

In the UK, private health insurance policies are predominately structured to cover the cost of private medical treatment for acute conditions – short-term and mainly curable health issues rather than long-term, chronic conditions people tend to live with their whole lives. Post Pandemic there can be a few days before you can see a consultant unlike the NHS which can be a few weeks or unfortunetaly longer.

How can a broker like WCHC help you?

Depending when you took out your policy you may or may not have exclusions on conditions you have suffered from in the past, this is why it is important that an established broker helps you through the minefield to get you the right policy. Choosing the wrong policy or level of cover could result in a waste of your money – why leave it to chance when we will simplify the process? Let us manage the workload by completing your claim, removing the stress and providing a you a full briefing.

It’s all about the details

With all the fine detail involved, it only takes one wrong word to invalidate a claim that could save your life in a crisis and support your family if the worst should happen. With so much at stake when quoting for insurance policies like these, call us today and let us help you to get the cover you need.

We spent years learning the lingo so that you don’t have to.


Isn't the NHS good enough?
What does a Private Medical Health Insurance policy cover me for?
How does Private Medical Health Insurance benefit me when I need to claim?
Do I have to have a medical before joining a scheme?
Will any conditions that I currently have or have had in the past be covered under a new policy?
If I take out a policy for a year and pay monthly, would I be allowed to cancel within the policy year?
Do I have to pay an excess?
Will my policy cover me for treatment in Europe?
Will my UK based policy pay for me to be flown home in the event of an accident anywhere in the world?
Father and Son Private Medial Insurance

Benefits of PMI

  • Choose when where and who treats you.
  • Access to treatments not available on the NHS.
  • 24 hour “Crisis Care”.
  • 25 years nursing & pharmaceutical experience.
  • We assist in the claim process and deal with the insurers.
  • We research and book your appointments.
  • We are on your side and simplify the process for you.

Providing you the best policy

If you need advice on the best policy for you or your family, or have health conditions making it difficult to find the right policy we can provide a much more bespoke quotation, with any exclusions clearly explained.

We have connections with various insurers so may also be able to offer you a special deal.

<span> , WCHC Customer</span>
"WCHC has been a tower of strength, taking on all difficulties and obstacles standing in my way and relieved me of the stress of having to deal with the insurers direct. Susie has always shown care, kindness, consideration and respect to me… she is passionate about her job and brings steadfast determination and commitment to achieve the best she can for my healthcare. It gives me peace of mind to know that in an emergency, Susie will be there for me."
- Dee from Exeter , WCHC Customer
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