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Death In Service

When added to a staff benefits package, this policy promises a lump sum payment to an employee’s dependants should they die whilst in service. It’s essentially similar to a Life Insurance policy but paid for by the employer.

Death in Service differs from Life Insurance because:

  • It is dependant on employment
  • Cover will cease should the employee resign, be sacked or be made redundant
  • It is linked to salary rather than an individual’s personal circumstances

Death in Service is an inexpensive way for an employer to provide comprehensive staff benefits but it can also be written in trust to pay out as you choose. It means you could opt for a Death in Service policy which benefits both an employee’s dependants and compensates the business too.


Is this the same as Group Life Insurance?
How does Death in Service Insurance benefit the employer?
Would I have to cover all of my employees?
Does everyone have to be covered at the same level?
What benefits are available for a registered Group Life scheme?
How are the premiums taxed?
Do we need to collect medical evidence from our employees?


<span> , WCHC Customer</span>
"Mrs Colley showed us that she had done her homework, had all the options at her fingertips and explained each to us in a way we could understand – no easy task when there were different potential insurers and many options within each! She was patient with our questioning and left us with a feeling that we were in good hands, a caring and competent intermediary."
- John from Devon , WCHC Customer
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