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Bet you haven’t got these on your Christmas List

Bet you haven’t got these on your Christmas List

Alternative Christmas ListIt’s the season and all that and each year it seems we buy more and more stuff in the shops.

Yes the traditions – the presents and food and treats are all important and part of the fun – but how prepared are you for those moments when the fairytale ends?

Allow me to inject a measure of practicality into your preparations with my Alternative Christmas List ensuring a drama-free holiday!  Have you added these to your shopping list?

  1. Paracetamol tablets – for those headaches induced by screaming children, too many glasses of sherry or simply the dazzling effect of tinsel, lights and shiny paper
  2. Paracetamol liquid – for the little ones who develop a fever just as the shops shut for Christmas
  3. Cough Mixtures – for adults and children because nothing says Christmas like a head cold and hacking cough induced by over-sharing of germs at parties
  4. Anti-viral hand gel – for warding off the winter lurgies waiting to strike just before the big day
  5. Plasters – for when it takes four adults and an engineering manual to get into the packaging and you still manage to take half your hand off alongside
  6. Indigestion tablets – who said anything about over-indulging? It’s probably a spot of seasonal tummy…whatever you blame it on, have some little white pills to help out
  7. Anti-diarrhea or rehydration salts – for when your guests fail to inform you they’ve just got over the Norovirus and kiss you warmly on each cheek
  8. Sling – for your arm, when you fall off the stepladder putting up the decorations
  9. Arnica – for bruising (see above)
  10.  A bottle opener – for when you’ve exhausted your supply of all of the above and need a festive tipple to get over it all!

Merry Christmas, one and all – wishing you all the best for 2015.

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