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Why you should allow West Country Healthcare to help you

Why you should allow West Country Healthcare to help you

West Country Healthcare Ltd is an intermediary (or broker) who acts as a go-between between you and the insurance company from whom you wish to purchase a policy. The policy could be a life policy/critical illness/travel/house/income protection/life or even a funeral plan.

Many people are quite happy purchasing their insurance policies from companies online, which is absolutely fine until things do not quite work out. What do they do then and where do they go?


Q: How do I know I can trust West Country Healthcare Ltd?

A: West Country Healthcare Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

(number 4576413) and is bound by the Principles of the Financial Conduct Authority. See more on www.fca.org.uk

Q: What does it cost to have West Country Healthcare Ltd help me?

A: West Country Healthcare Ltd does not charge for their help and support

Q: How does West Country Healthcare Ltd know what sort of policy I want?

A: West Country Healthcare Ltd has been in the industry for over 25 years and in addition, the intermediary/broker was a nursing sister for many years, a series of questions will help determine what level of cover will be appropriate.

Q: Is the policy sold online?

A: The process of purchasing is not sold “online” and nothing is confirmed in a great rush as it can take several quotations before the level of cover required and the price of the policy meets the client’s expectations

Q: So how does West Country Healthcare Ltd make any money?

A: If a client purchases a policy through the West Country Healthcare Ltd brokerage, the insurance company pays a proportion of the premium paid by the client to West Country Healthcare Ltd as a commission.

Q: Is the cost of the policy more expensive if it is purchased through West Country Healthcare Ltd than online?

A: The price of the policy is the same

Q: If, I need support and advice at the weekend or an evening is there a telephone line available?

A: Due to the diversity of the countries in which the clients live, the line is monitored out of office hours

Q; What other benefits are there to being a client of West Country Healthcare Ltd?

A: Prior to the renewal of the policy that you have previously purchased with West Country Healthcare Ltd an annual review is undertaken at a time of renewal

Q: Would you be able to help me when I need to claim on my policy

A: At the time of claim that is when most people panic, West Country Healthcare Ltd takes over ( with your permission) all the tedious telephone calls not only to the insurance company but also to the medical secretaries to book appointments. West Country Healthcare Ltd supports clients through claims and is available to discuss all their worries and concerns on a 24-hour basis if necessary

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