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3 reasons why Comparison sites are not your friend

3 reasons why Comparison sites are not your friend

comparison sitesThis is a favourite topic of mine – so much so, that I’m revisiting it time and time again when I advise customers.

After all, the comparison sites are in their heyday.  Never more popular – millions of people are resorting to the easy-win click, click, click of a price comparison to reassure them they’ve got the best deal on the market.

The trouble is, insurance doesn’t fit neatly into boxes and it’s not one-size-fits-all.  I should know, because I’ve spent decades trying to simplify the insurance buying process for my clients.  It is very hard to simplify….because the small print really matters.  And there’s a lot of it.

So here’s my challenge to you: when you buy from a comparison site, do you really – I mean really? – know what you’re buying?

Check out the market by all means, but here are 3 things to think about no matter how tempting the pricetag.

  1. There’s no use comparing apples with pearsSo you’ve filled in your details and you’re presented with your results.  Lowest prices first – already you’re tempted.  But if you look along the columns inbetween provider and price, you’ll see a series of ticks, crosses, exclusions and small print.  Comparison sites hardly ever compare like with like.Your results may all have been generated as a result of the information you submitted, but the terms, conditions, benefits and exclusions of each policy will vary.That makes it nigh on impossible to compare on price.
  2. It’s impossible to know what’s not being saidYes it’s true that you can be very diligent with those columns and the small print and make sure you take into account all the details along with the price.  But what about the things they’re not telling you?You will never know about small details like hospitals that are excluded, conditions they won’t cover or restrictions on claims until you get further down the line and read the policy documents.If you get to this point and back out, the comparison site hasn’t saved you any time or money at all
  3. There is a better way..Don’t get me wrong, comparison sites definitely have their uses.  They throw up a snapshot of the market, and highlight some aspects of cover you may not have considered.  But it’s brokers who do the real work for you.Brokers are the original comparison experts, but we work for you.  You as an individual, with your personal history – be it medical, home, work or travel.Some broker services (but not all so check carefully) like us are provided FREE to customers, just like those comparison sites – but whilst we also find you the cheapest prices, we also tell you how it is.  We can work with a budget in mind, and we will explain the practical implications of each choice, time and time again.

I completely understand why people use Comparison sites and they’re useful – to a degree.

But they can be dangerous too, with no-one to point out if you make a mistake.  So my best advice is bear these three things in mind next time you do a price comparison – and if there’s any confusion, give us a call.

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